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Meesh as in Misha as in someone that goes to JBHS. misha means michael also look up meesh and hornball You are a horndog when you read sex novels and highlight all the sex parts.
A product of John Burroughs High School
by claire December 26, 2004
"aw needs a hair cut"
by claire January 18, 2004
Unshaved (to say the least) armpits, refers particularly to the unshaved armpits of a woman.
"Lykomg! Did you SEE Julia Roberts' German armpits!?"
by Claire December 25, 2005
someone who skreams at a ballbag and gets excited when they dance in a green anorak
nikki's a crave

nikki craves matt
by claire February 09, 2004
An obnoxious and/or moronic person.
"Don't be such an Arsene Wenger."
by Claire May 31, 2005
Basically a word that means anything you want it to. Usually used to describe Cara for her general random/weirdness! Fits into alomost every sentence.
Plural - marones
Verb - to marone
Adj - maroney

* omg what a marone!
* ooo i'd marone her
* marone?
* Cara = marone

by Claire February 25, 2006
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