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Usually, someone who tries too hard to actually be rebellious. Said in jest.
Ria: Oh ma gawd, whatevar! I is well not going to that detenshun!
Salia: Ooh you rebel, you.
by Claire July 22, 2005
Last name of a serious fag. Especially those with the name "Erik".
Torolf Wiik sucks dick.
by Claire October 10, 2003
Cyber lover, loves to cyber, with persons by the name of claire
wanna cyber? not 2nite hun i got a headache :|
by Claire April 09, 2005
A girl who loves the word tacky and innuendo and has a loving sensation.
My name is Arie! Thats sooo tacky! Is that an innuendo??
by Claire December 03, 2003
(A group of) husbands and boyfriends. See WAGs.
England's HABs used the presence of their WAGs in Germany as an excuse for their poor showing in the 2006 World Cup, when really they just played shit.
by Claire August 19, 2006
as safe as price.james(Price) is well safe (2 thumbs up)
ur asap!
by Claire March 17, 2004
Something cool, off the hook, like "sick"
Many, that air was healthy!
by Claire September 09, 2003

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