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2 definitions by Clagbo

A man with long, greasy hair, green teeth, baggy pinstripe trousers with braces and white plimmies. He sneaks around on farmland waiting for a cow to drop a pat. Slavering with excitement he drops his pants and swivels his bare arse on the still-warm bovine pancake whilst making high-pitched mooing sounds.
Its amazing how many methanical pancake swivellers you see on a sunny day.
by Clagbo July 19, 2006
A driver of a pension wagon who thinks he/she is a superior being. A Shit-stained Schumacher expects to be given right of way and woe-betide any fucker who doesn't. Invariably an ugly bastard with ill-fitting dentures and egg on his pensioner chin. Never without a scruffy fucking CARLTON shopping bag on the handle bar.
Look, here comes a Shit-stained Schumacher. Let's roll the bastard and nick his dentures.
by Clagbo August 22, 2006