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Pronounced Vuh-jeye. An order dedicated to checking out the Vag, or vagina, (in reference to "vagina" a.k.a. A woman who is of superb hotness).
Those belonging to The Vagi are losers and go to places like Wal-Mart to check out chicks, women, holes, bitches, ho's, sluts, girls, VAG, vagina.

Man1: Dude! let's go check out the hot vagina at wal-mart.
Man2: yeah, okay that sounds cool. There be fine bitches at wal-mart.
Man1: Word.
by Cl0udo August 02, 2008
The holy grail every man seeks. A Vagina. A Hole to insert your man beef into. The small hole that becomes much much wider and floppy when a baby desecrates it by coming out of it.
Dave: Damn JoJo, I bet you have the most magical vag ever! Maybe later we can go back to my place and I can crush that shit?

JoJo: HaHa! oh Dave, you're so sweet. :D
by Cl0udo August 02, 2008

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