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a totally awesome person who loves to hang out with friends and have fun. have dark brown hair that is almost black but not quite. is half gothic and emo. wears cool socks and awesome shoes. often takes pictures of peoples shoes.

falls in love with nerds normally. not popular a nerd herself likes to stand out and be unique. likes asians and armenians and everyone else except for preppy bitchy girls.

loves snapple and also loves salt and vinegar chips.
boy: Did you see that emo chick over there?
girl: you mean that really cool emo chick over there?
boy: sure
girl: yeah thats leming

girl: do you like leming?
boy: idk shes cool and really nice
girl: she likes you
boy: ik i just dont know how i feel about her yet.........
by Cjcmlf April 28, 2010
A girl who will always be there for you no matter what. shes there for you to cry on and shes always free to talk. if you piss her off shell be a bitch back. she doesnt take shit from anyone. if you mess with her or her friends shell kick your ass. and thts a promise. she loves laughing with friends and he gets along with guys more than girls. shes not afraid to say whats on her mind or speak her opinion. she doesnt care what others think. one who will stick by you no matter what. loves music and loves just being crazy and weird. one of the weirdest people you will ever meet. ;)
popular girl: did you see that dork over there? shes telling everyone that she feels like a pineapple
nerd: yeah ik shes weird but shes awesome

shawn: what are you doing?
casey: singing about toe socks.
shawn:oh ok cool.
by cjcmlf May 01, 2010

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