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4 definitions by Cj Bird

1/8 of an ounce (3.5 grams) of marijuana(or more) rolled into a blunt. It is monstrous and keeps you high for hours. The term comes from the way it looks once it is rolled because it resembles a gorrilla's finger.
Playa: yo dawg i just picked up a fat weed sack.
Dawg:playa playa! how much did you pick up?
Playa: you know I only pick up ounces dawg!
Dawg: Yo playa lets pick up a blunt wrap and roll ourselves a gorrilla finger!
by Cj Bird December 05, 2007
A person who chews a whole pack of gum in one day. When they run out they suddenly get bad breath (withdrawals) and get another pack ASAP.
Dude John always has a piece of gum in his mouth. He's definitely a chain chewer!
by Cj Bird December 05, 2007
Girls (usually in high school/maybe middle school) who hold hands and make out just for attention. They are usually (not always) gothic/emo/ugly/fat. They do it in open areas for everyone to see.
Dude i was walking to english when I saw some lesposers mackin' it in the middle of the hallway.
by Cj Bird December 05, 2007
A code for Marijuana. Not very widely known but should be. When buying a "slice" you are buying an 1/8th of marijuana because pizza is broken up into 8 slices. so if you want a whole ounce you say you want a whole pizza.get it?
1:yo man can i get a slice of pizza?
2: you want an 1/8th?
1: ya thats what I just said dumbass
by Cj Bird December 05, 2007