78 definitions by Cj

A cigarrette
Pass me that c-donkey
by CJ May 05, 2004
1. A man considered to be weak; a pansy.
2. A unit measuring weight.
1. Stop being a Backstreet boy and fight.

2. All of that exercise made me lose a Backstreet boy.
by CJ March 21, 2004
the ultimate accomplisher. nothing will or can stand in his way!
hes a real Zahoor!!
by cj October 20, 2003
Having lyrics that ryhme or that are satisfying to hear. Refers to rap ohly.
He had hot bars when he was freestylng at school.
by cj October 17, 2003
Another name for female genetalia or vagina.
I stuck it in her gorgeous gorge.
by CJ October 15, 2003
1. An immature kid, but a cool one all the same.
2. One with temper and boundries.
Leprochanic Elephantas
1. Hey! It's Phat Kid! What's up?
2. Calm down Phat Kid!
by CJ September 09, 2004
The call of the heroin cult. Draws said cult near. Use cautiously.
Timian: Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Liam: ARGH! Don't make that sound!
by CJ September 05, 2004

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