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self explainitory, sound it out dip stick
Why don't you Jablowme...
by CJ October 30, 2003
The reaction from a woman after hot sauce is applied near her Treasure Track.
Put hot sauce on your hand and rub away.
by CJ February 09, 2005
A state of which a teenaged person is confined to his or her own house with no contact to the outside world once at all.
Yeah man, i am stuck in a groundation
by CJ December 03, 2004
internet losers who must mask the fact that they don't have their own personality or social life. Most likely of canadian origin.
grimlock, RUSTEDSTUFF, america junior, bhat mann, winnie the trent reznor, space ghost, THE wade carlson
by cj June 10, 2004
noun: (swam-pa-dawn-kee) origin. Houston:
1. A very unattractive person, usually having an extremely large gap in their teeth and an overbite. Most likely to be more than 50% overweight but not a must.
2. An ugly ass person.
Ricky Smiley. Damn swamp donkey
by CJ February 06, 2005
a girl that does not use deodorant and whose house stinks like cat poop
I can tell that chick Michelle from Apopka is a sweatie, it is obvious by looking at her.
by CJ September 30, 2004
Weird events, people, actions, etc. that are often associated with a large groups of people and consumption of even larger amounts of alcamahol.
This random bitch siad she drank "a vagina full of beer" and showed me her tits.
by CJ April 27, 2004

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