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Between client engagements.

IT consultancies are companies who make their money by sending out their employees (programmers, DBAs, business analysts, etc.) to do software projects for their client companies, usually on-site at the client's office.

An employee who is "On the bench" is not on-site, but is sitting back at head office waiting for billable work. They might be doing something useful like self-training or working on an internal system, or they could be just slacking off and editing Urban Dictionary.

But either way, IT consultancies make money by billing their clients for the hours that their consultants spend there, so being "on the bench" costs the company money.

Being on the bench isn't the same as being unemployed - a person on the bench will still get their monthly salary. However, it may lessen their bonus or feed into decisions for who gets laid off. Consultants understandably become worried that nobody wants their skills if left on the bench for too long, especially if other consultants are in demand.

The phrase comes from an analogy from team sports like football or basketball - some of the team are on the field playing, and the rest are sitting on the bench waiting for their turn to go out and play.
John has been on the bench since he rolled off the Megacorp billing system project last week.
by CityNewt October 13, 2010
A South African word of Afrikaans origin, literally translated as "bush-befucked".

It means suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or having difficulty adjusting to civilian life after fighting in the bush in the border wars and counter-insurgency operations that South Africa engaged in during the 1970s and 1980s in Namibia, Angola and Mozambique.
Jan has been bosbefok ever since he came back from the border.
by CityNewt October 18, 2011
Club Duvet is a small, cosy nightclub located out of the city centre. People often decide to on to go there instead of a larger venue at some stage of a night out.

It means going home to bed, as an alternative to going on to another venue to continue your night out.
We went to the pub on Saturday night and drank, then on to The Lizard club. About 2am they closed, and Mark and Joe were still partying so they headed on to Slimelight, but I was tired so I went to club duvet instead.
by CityNewt November 22, 2010
An airport x-ray backscatter machine, the that produces full-body images of naked bodies, through clothes. As used but the TSA in the USA.
I had a choice of gate rape or the pornoscanner at the airport.

"Pornoscanners trivially defeated by pancake-shaped explosives." - headline on Boingboing
by CityNewt December 24, 2010

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