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2 definitions by City of Destiny

Verb: To Kanye

1. To be a musical genius

2. To interrupt someone abruptly and rudely but be completely correct
We kanyed that bitch in the pageant last night it was sick.
by City of Destiny November 29, 2010
1 1
During a 3 way, preferably that consisting of two women, as the man comes close to ejaculating he gives one of the two women a hickey and continues to ejaculate on to the hickey. Immediately following ejaculation the man must exclaim "suck out the venom!" at which point the second woman sucks the semen off of the first women and spits it off to the side.
Dude I did a snake bite with the two girls last night it was crazy.
by City of Destiny July 30, 2011
10 12