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A backwards, backwoods, inbred, slow talking-slow thinking individual, usually white trash of some sort.
Bestiality is a sport and white lightening is a privilege. A po-dunk packs their toothless mouth with wads of chewing tobacco, masticating it with their cancer ridden gums.
This person can usually be observed at race car tracks, livestock auctions and moon pie factory's. They claim to be a religious preacher, all the while drinking hard liquor, gambling in secret locations and consorting with known prostitutes (more than likely another po dunk family member under the age of 16).
They believe that Dale Earnhardt was a hero/messiah, Hee-Haw is still the number one show on TV and sweet tea is the nectar of the gods ( be advised that to make their type of sweet tea, you seriously add more sugar than tea, which accounts for the high amount of toothless-ness).
Their culture is as rewarding as their language. The higher in the mountains that you go, the more guttural vernacular you will experience. At some points I have noticed that these po dunks can communicate by a combination of burps, farts, grunts and squeaks.
A typical Po-Dunk will use the word SODA's, as in "Your wife gives good head, SODA's my sister"

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