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2 definitions by City Advocate

Men's Alternative Safe Home
While there is a Plethora of women's shelters in the country there was only one shelter for male victims of female perpetrated domestic violence which was the MASH Project
by City Advocate May 04, 2006
defined as misandrist male who echos the gender-feminist anti-male myths and negative stereotping of men agenda to either get laid or receive government contracts to find new ways to blame other men for women's plights. These echo-feminists while bashing men in their own way have the prestige, power and money to control the abilities and lives of other men; sounds a lot like being patriarchal or bullying.

Similar to actual echo the words are hollow and only mimics the source; there is no body or truth.
The man was describing his personal experience of being a male victim of female perpetrated domestic violence when the acedemic echo-feminist dismissed his experience as a male abuser in denial.
by City Advocate May 04, 2006