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The Mother Ship for pikmin. Pikmin live inside the onions. There are only three kinds that Captain Olimar has to find: Red, Yellow, and Blue Onions. Only pikmin of the same color can enter an onion. At night the onions take flight and travel with Captain Olimar. Pikmin inside the onion are completly safe from danger. As of now, there is no Purple or White onion.
After there were 100 pikmin on the field, the pikmin onion stop throwing pikmin seeds out into the field.
by Citruslump November 16, 2006
While waiting at a traffic signal for the light to change from red to green, you notice that the left turn arrow changes green without the forward light changing green. Just by seeing the light change you step on the gas alittle bit and then realize that your lane is still stopped. Causing the car to flinch. Typically implies that you are alert or that you are in a rush to go somewhere. Senario may be applied vice versa.
(While second in line waiting at a traffic signal in the forward lane)

Driver: I really hope the light changes soon.
Passenger: Yeah me too.
~Left turn lane changes green, but forward light remains red~
~ Car first in line on forward lane begins to go as if the forward light was green, realizes it is still red and stops; causing the vehicle to flinch moving forward a few inches~
Driver: Whoa! Did you see that guy ahead of us!?
Passenger: Yeah! He just did a Signal Flinch!
Driver: He must be in a rush to get out of here.
by Citruslump September 20, 2011

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