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Another term for Anal Sex
Captain Cook couldn't wait to show the Tahitian Cheif's daughter how well he could Navigate the Windward Passage, before a Ziffon and setting sail for Australia.
by Cinocat November 30, 2011
To have a Wank - usually whilst watching Star Trek.
I was watching Star Trek Voyager, and that Borg bitch in the tight shit is so hot, I had to take Picard to warp speed - twice!
by Cinocat November 30, 2011
To wipe your cock on the curtains, as you sneek out of the house of the Random Bus Stop Skank you have just made sweet sweet love too.
"I picked up this nasty Bitch at the club, and I threw her a fuck and a Ziffon.
by Cinocat November 30, 2011
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