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2 definitions by Cinebelle

The inspiring teenage comic-book superhero, forged of Celtic steel, and secretly fighting evil and bad blokes all over England, Ireland, Scotland and sometimes Wales. His only weakness: ice-cream sandwiches.
"Why, look," exclaimed the townspeople of Altrichingham. "All the dogs have collars, all the babies are smiling, and the bullies are giving flowers to the little kids. What could it be?"
"Well," said shopkeeper Reg, pointing to his empty ice-cream freezer, "I think it's safe to say the mighty Earnan has been here."
"Hooray!" cried the townspeople, as they looked up in the sky... could that be him?
by Cinebelle July 01, 2011
Cozy + snuggly + best feeling ever, especially when you're snug in a nice toasty bed with lots of covers and a smile on your face.
"Mummy, I'm feeling very odeedee, today," said Harriet as she tucked the comforter around her smiling face and sank back into the warm cozy bed.
by Cinebelle June 27, 2011