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a paki poof is a pakistani homosexual

this is a slang term. i find it quite rude tbh.
Lena: look at that paki poof over there by the drink stand.
Detal: thats so racist. yet creative. yur beautiful.

(emos make out)

Shabazzz!!: Helo im a self-confessed paki poof
by Cindy aka Cloe August 21, 2006
wen two scene kids hav a convosation. usually about bands- they will try to name drop all they can and outdo the other person with their musical knowledge coz scene kids are thu effin SEXX!! or about clothing, other scene kids or how ghey less-scene people are
MSN- scene convo

Lenya: hey sup nigguh!?!1
Cloe: OMFGZ HII! Yu looked so EFFIN HOTT 2NTIE withyurpink boxers!! HAAA <33 x 53948022
Lenya: naw yu looked BLATEZ HOTTER NIG!!11
Cloe: *virtual fucks* >_<
Cloe: HAHA!!!!11! aw i luff YU!
Lenya: RAWR!!
Cloe: BRRAAP!! LMFAO!!!!!!!
Lenya: OMFGZ LIKE ROFL!!11!11!1 hey. lets meet up tomorrow. PARKING LOT NIG!?!1
Cloe: ksweetdealll!
Lenya: OMFGZ. yu got me all cummed out.
Cloe: aw luff yu Len...
Lenya: fucking LOVE yu more. xxxxx <33
by Cindy aka Cloe August 24, 2006
when a group of scene kids hang together at the skate park, gig or park

usually drink and smoke

lisen to screamo on their phones and take billions of pics of themselves
cris tom chanel fred fran ragen ben honesty scene cotch

Soph: hey look. a dead squirrel. thats RAAD.
Danny and cloe: WHERE!!?!?
Soph: over the hill in the drinking spot like!

(danny n cloe on grass )

Danny: cloe lets go get some beer from bens and come back to the park and drink it
Cloe: mkay babe. wait first lets go set that dead squirrel on fire.
by Cindy aka Cloe August 21, 2006
name is a mixture of Amy and Cloe

looks like a furby

eats hairclips and doors.

has a birthday every friday.
Clammy1 : hey sup nigguh!?!
Clammy2: hey lets go eat that door!
Clammy1: ksweetdealll!
Clammy2: aw luff yu Clam...
Clammy1: luff yu more! xxxxx <33
by Cindy aka Cloe August 21, 2006
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