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Some dude who lost the 2008 Presidential Election.
Dude, McCain got crushed by Obama.
#mccain #bush #2008 #president #obama #loser
by Cindy McCain August 15, 2008
Nickname for John McCain as he stands no chance in hell of getting to be president due to his flip-flops, mistakes, gaffs, and being generally the exact same as George W. Bush
McCant for President, yeah right.
#john mccain #bush #w #failure #wannabe #dead on arrival
by Cindy McCain July 22, 2008
The ability of John McCain to continuously fuck-up what he is talking about - even on the basic things that he is running on.
An example would be when John McCain caught McFoot in McMouth disease and tried to redefine what a surge was because he could remember when it started and accidentally claimed that it started a year before it actually did.
#john mccain #bush #w #failure #wannabe #iraq
by Cindy McCain July 24, 2008
Bus that John McCain travels on around the country that delivers Orwellian like double-talk on politics.
From the back of the Double Talk Express he continues to state wild and inane claims such as, "We can only win in Iraq if we stay in Iraq - and we can leave Iraq only when we win in Iraq" (not a direct quote, but paraphrased from his refusal to define "winning in Iraq").
#john mccain #bush #w #failure #wannabe #iraq
by Cindy McCain July 24, 2008
The true nature of John McCain. He is George W. Bush lite, with the only difference being that he won't get to be president.
John McBush is the one who promised that the U.S. troops would be greeted as "liberators" in Iraq - not Bush. Take the Bush McCain challenge and see if you can pick out who is who from the quotes and examples.
#mccain #john mccain #w #mcbush #bush #iraq #9-11 #failure #mccant #double talk express #mcfoot in mcmouth
by Cindy McCain August 12, 2008
The condition in which John McCain continues to rearrange the economy to cater to people as rich as he is (worth 100 million plus, has 11 homes, his own private jet...).
John McCain would increase taxes on the middle and lower classes, while decreasing taxes for anyone making more than $250,000. That would leave everyone below him working like slaves with no chance of ever breaking through - no matter how smart they are, no matter how hard they try, or no matter what they do in life to try to escape middle class. This McNopoly would make him and his cronies happy because they would get to stay exactly where they are while your life continues to suck.
#mccain #john mccain #w #mcbush #bush #iraq #9-11 #failure #mccant #double talk express #mcfoot in mcmouth
by Cindy McCain August 23, 2008
John McCain's (McCant, McSame, et. al) bus that he travels on contradicting himself and trying to pretend that what he said in the morning is what he now totally disagrees with.
When McCant says that he supports the troops and veterans in one breath, and then tells you why he voted against things like the GI Bill and increase in health insurance, he is riding on the Circular Talk Express again.
#mccain #john mccain #w #bush #iraq #9-11 #failure #mccant #double talk express #mcfoot in mcmouth #mcsame
by Cindy McCain September 17, 2008
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