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1. A really catchy song.

2. Fuck me. (say it out loud)
If = F
You = U
See = C
K A = K
My = Me

Most people thing that it's like this-

If = F
You = U
See = C
K = K
Amy = Me

But it isn't. So for people that thought it was like that, the song probably sounds a lot better now.
1. Oh Baby Baby, If You Seek Amy Tonight. Oh Baby Baby, We'll Do Whatever You Like.
2. (this one doesn't really need an example. -.-")
by Cinderpelt April 04, 2009
A fear of long words. Referred to as squippedaliophobia most often as basically no one knows how to pronounce the word.
I have hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. Oh no! A long word! *hides in corner*
by Cinderpelt April 04, 2009
Something condescending people say during a fight on Tumblr.
Skye: i hate straight ppl omg
Ana: Uhm sweetie (: thats reverse oppression
by cinderpelt February 21, 2015
Trans people, mostly on Tumblr, who believe you need body dysphoria to be transgender. They police the identities of other transgender people and often mock nonbinary teenagers.
Kei: i'm a demigirl and my pronouns are fae/faer/faeself.
Kei: shut up truscum
by cinderpelt February 21, 2015
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