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Pataskala is located in central Ohio, 20 minutes east of Columbus. Known for being the former home of the famous porn star John Holmes, Pataskala offers many fun activities. These include counting the hundreds of underage pregnant girls roaming the streets in search of marijuana and a vast assortment of drugs (common in the greens). Also, sitting in a vehicle in the local Krogers parking lot for no apparent reason is another popular activity. If a place to stay for an overnighter with a hooker you just picked up, the Shamrock Motel is perfect for you! The stained matresses and the unbelivable amount of crack addicts inhabiting the area will put a smile on any crack whore's face! If sports is more of your choice for entertainment stop by the local Watkins Memorial Highschool for a basketball game. With a total of 3 wins in two years, it should make you feel better about yourself while the coaches embarrase themselves and the entire school. So come on down to Pataskala Ohio and waste your life away with us! See you soon!
Jeff "I wonder what city has the highest population of pregnant whores?"

Steve "It has to be Pataskala, Ohio man, the ratio is 4:1 for pregnant whores to a normal citizen there"
by Cincyfan1001 April 05, 2011

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