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boy in the plastic bubble is used to describe a person who must live in a microbiologically sterile environment for medical reasons
David Vetter (1971–1984), a victim of Severe Combined Immune Deficiency Syndrome, was forced to live in a sterile environment. Bubble Boy became popular as "the boy in the plastic bubble".
by cinch December 30, 2011
Matzingen is a municipality in Switzerland with four rivers. The population of the village is intelligent, liberal and active.
Between 1150 and 1996, Matzingen owned a mill.
by cinch January 08, 2012
A nice try to add some brain to a poor skull vault. Nobody has succeeded in performing it to date. It has been an option for the future since decades.
It is what progress is all about.
Homer J. Simpson could do with some neurointellectual surgery.
by cinch January 03, 2012
to be done with
I'm just satisfed up sucking your cock. Maybe tomorrow.
by Cinch January 15, 2013
You feel the urgent desire to understand unfamiliar languages, to play a new musical instrument or to consult a book.
There was nothing else to do but sleeping, bathing and fucking all day long. Learning crave was overwhelming such that we learnt all the constellations in the night sky on honeymoon.
by Cinch May 17, 2012
Elderly female, offering crusty toast with butter and sweet strawberry jam and chocolate milk so you almost can't stop having breakfast. She puts new sheets on and organizes internet access to make your best time abroad.

Not to be confused with room service.
My british toast mother even served toast as a welcome dinner.
by cinch January 03, 2012
Stories with wit and clever twist endings
A young couple is short of money but secretly wants to buy each other Christmas gifts. Della sells her beautiful hair, in order to buy a platinum fob chain for Jim's watch; while Jim sells his watch, to buy jeweled combs for Della's hair. O. Henry surprise.
by cinch January 18, 2012

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