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The little guy who has watched his own race cause chaos and death across the world for the past 500 years and has gained nothing but shit off everyone.

Not every white guy wants to kill every black, chinese, asian, (native) american or australasiain on the planet, it's just the greedy assholes in command and a low-intellect army who follow anything for money who invade, murder and conquer.

The white man is the guy who watches this bullshit and sits there, able to do nothing and recieves hate. That white man is me. I have never harmed anyone because they are a different race, insulted them because they are a different race or done anything which could be considered racist. Then I read some of these defenitions. The simplicity of the whole thing is this:
You get assholes in every race, religion or nationality, but you get an unusually large number of assholes who are white. Please remember that not all of us took part in the slave trade, the massacre of the jews, the start of the war on the gaza strip. It is key individuals who are to blame for these monstrosities, don't blame all of the white people, blame those key individuals.
'It ain't about black or white cuz we human,
I hope we see the light before it ruined'
-Tupac Shakur
The greatest and most influentual soul who graced his presence on this earth
by Ciaranlink12 June 26, 2005
Jay-Z is, in my opinion, one of the greatest rappers alive. On the streets of 'project' he was called jayhovawhich is what the jews call God i.e. he is refered to the 'God of rap' on da street. Was closely associated with Biggy small and is one of the best lyricists in the wake of his death. Teamed up with Dameon Dash to create Rocafella, his own label, which has been a huge success. Claimed that the Black album was going to be his last and that he would retire. The next year he makes a remix of the Black Album's best songs with Linkin Park, the gay boys. The Blueprint is Hov's best album, bar non and the Dynasty is pretty good as well. Long Live Hova!
R.O.C, we runnin this rap shit
by Ciaranlink12 May 03, 2005
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