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a genius British actor, famouse for his role in the Black adder. one of the funniest things ever to touch a tv screen.
Rowan Atkinson is so much more than mister bean.
by Cian Shelley May 09, 2008
the main character in a 20s comic strip of the same name. one of the greatest fictional people ever. loves bricks, and mice.

a twenties comic strip by george herriman. widely recognized as the greatest thing that genre has produced. characterized by "Dadaist" drawings and whimsical speech.
if you have a mind, you should be reading krazy kat
by cian shelley June 09, 2008
adjective used to discribe a curveball that is so nasty it makes the hitters knees buckle in fear.
he just came down on that guy with another knee buckling curveball
by Cian Shelley May 25, 2008

to sing or humm a fragment of a catchy and usually dispised tune so that it becomes stuck in another person or group of peoples heads.
that asswhipe song bombed me with steve miller, he shall pay.

by Cian Shelley May 13, 2008
someone who fills their wallet, suitcase, bookbag, and computer with pictures of himself.
you may not be a narcissist but you're actually quite a julian
by Cian shelley May 05, 2008
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