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Someone who will say anything to avoid rocking the boat. They will go against their own morals and standards to make statements to please others. They shouldn't be trusted and confiding in them isn't a good idea. They are liked by many due to the fact they always have good things to say, but are not trusted by the smart ones who have figured them out. Fence riders are phony butt kissers. We all know a few, most are politicians.
Wow!..You look great in that dress!
OMG!..Doesn't she look awful in that dress!
It's not a matter of them not being able to make up their mind, fence riders say what's needed/wanted to be heard.
by CiaCiaC May 17, 2007
Someone who toot's their own horn. Usually at work, these people have nothing good to say about their co-workers but praise their own glory. They are sneaky and often are very sweet. They move forward within companies unless the employer is a good judge of character. These people always think they're better than everyone and often have their superiors snowed. Not nice people at all, very similar to a back-stabber.
Tom did an awful job on the payables this month, he doesn't know a debit from a credit!

I sure have a good handle on the payables, they're clean and I know a credit from a debit unlike Tom, "hee hee hee I'm such a horn tooter and I have them all snowed, Tom will be gone in no time flat"
by CiaCiaC June 07, 2007

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