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Making up a rumor yourself, and saying you overheard it from someone else. Tyling is usually used incase the person the rumor is about finds out you said it & they confront you.

Forms Of The Word: Tyles, tyling, tyled, tyler, tylette, etc
Person1: I heard you said a rumor about me!

Person2: I didn't make it up, I overheard someone else say it.

Person1: Oh, sorry. *Walks away*

Person2: *Laughs to self* Haha, bitch, you just got tyle(d)!
by Chyna Cake September 20, 2011
BFFLH stands for Best Friend Forever Love Hate.

When you have a best friend who you love with all your heart, but they are way prettier(hotter), cooler, and get more guys(girls) than you. You want to be with them forever, but want to get some guys (girls) of your own, so you can't wait til you can't spend time with them.
Person1: I love Steph, but she gets way more guys than me.

Person2: Sounds like a BFFLH to me!

Person1: I know right, but it is what it is.
by Chyna Cake September 20, 2011
When you really want to have a lezbian/gay moment with a really hawttt person of the same gender, but you afraid what people might think of you, so you want to Fly-Away to another country to bang a really hawt person you don't know. Most of the time it won't come back to get you.
Girl1: I'm so tired of guys & their crap.

Girl2: Same, but I need some lovin', but I'm mad at my bf.

Girl1: Banging a girl would be so fun, but I don't want people thinking I'm a lez.

Girl2: I this I could have a Fly-Away Moment!
by Chyna Cake September 20, 2011

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