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This is a common term used in China, specifically in hong kong or other canton populated areas. This literally translates in english to "F*ck your mother."

It is commonly used, when you are obligated to help someone, or you find someone's performance is below standard, or dissatisfaction.

This can also be expressed as," Diu lay lo mo ah!" Which is the same but with the "ah!", it expresses a deeper meaning/feeling.

Phonetical pronunciation: "Delay no more"
Jeff: hey man you got a dollar I can borrow?
Ed: Diu lay lo mo!
Jeff: dood, i always spot you with money!
Ed: Diu lay lo mo ah!
by Chusen1 January 26, 2009
Person. Noun

A Chinese actor known for his ugly looks and silly lines, generally seen in comedy films.

He is considered an underrated comedian.
Ed: Bat leung gum is my hero!
by Chusen1 January 26, 2009
1) is a guy who doesn't know what he is doing. As defined in the movie three kings.
2) a chinese martial arts actor, seen in many hk action films, bolo yeung
Bolo just rocked jean-claud van dame!

by chusen1 January 25, 2009

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