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Loud outrageous noisy. Annoying loud sounds coming from two or more people.
"Geez, you boys were louder than Two Skeletons Doing the Charleston on a Hot Tin Roof."
by Chuq Dawg February 10, 2007
Typically a man out searching for ass, where no man has gone before.
Man 1: Hey d-bag, didn't I see you trolling for ass at the old folks home?"

Man 2: "No Mr. Butt Pirate, that must have been some other Ass Treker"
by Chuq dawg February 10, 2007
To have wild sex.
"Jane and I just met last night, but by 2:00 AM we landed feet first in the boneyard.
by Chuq Dawg February 10, 2007

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