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Indian/ Mumbai slang to describe someone or something that is ghetto, trashy, low class. It is used to replace most verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, interjections or common use as an idiom.

Other usages: the word can be modified to better suit situations and circumstances such as; chuntigiri, chuntees, chuntiness.....

Common examples of word usage:
- You’ve got such a lot of Chuntiness in you (verb)
- I dont give a Chunti (action verb)
- Stop your Chuntigiri bitch (adjective)
- Chuntees !!!! (random outburst of a word)
- Take this Chunti out the back and shoot him between the eyes (noun)
- Check this Chunti out; he is just radiating his Chuntiness all over the place, Chunti! (noun, verb, idiom)
- Alexander is my neighbor. Chunti says that he likes bollywood music (noun)
by ChuntiMan69 March 30, 2009

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