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See yourgranscock
It's Nat.
by Chunky Monkey July 21, 2003
A fictional Bounty Hunter in the Star Wars universe. Tisko was one of the most dangerous Bounty Hunters in the galaxy.

Also, the act of being excessively dangerous, or violent in an almost ridiculous amount.
Look, there's tisko. Let's run

That guy was so Tisko when he shot that other guy in the eyeball
by Chunky Monkey June 25, 2005
A free standing penis - possibly decaying - that once belonged to your maternal grandmother in a time when grandparents were permitted to own cocks by papal edict
It's yourgranscock.
by Chunky Monkey July 21, 2003
This guy at our school is known as fat head!
Hahaha, look at the size of his head, he has a fat head!
by Chunky Monkey December 11, 2003

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