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When two people enjoy anal sex, however immeatiatly before climaxing the 'giver' thrusts his or hers (provided she's wearing a strap-on) fingers in the 'recievers' throat stimulating the anal sphincer to tighen around the penis (or strap-on).
Saagita loves to get wolfbanged by Mrs. Patel (she's a wild one...just ask Raza).
by Chuman March 28, 2005
The process of making something CHATE.
Dan Raz razafied Saagar.
by Chuman March 23, 2005
The act of causing an impact.
Solids banging into the wall of an industrial cyclone undergo impactation.
by Chuman March 23, 2005
The upgraded version of the Thurminator. It's perogatives:
I) to return to the past and be as slutty as possible
II) to kill Sara Conner
III) she will kill you.....in your sleep.
Benz is the Thurminator-II (T2)
by Chuman March 30, 2005
a very homosexual man
That guys is such a saagar he's got flames shooting out of his cum-dripping ass
by Chuman March 24, 2005
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