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Dude is a word of many things.

1. To describe to another person(s) that they have done something realy stupid.

2. To say hello.

3. To show affection.

1. (friend): Hey man! I fucked my girlfriend in the ass lastnight!
(you): Dude! That's stupid!

2. (you): Dude!
(friend): Hello.

3. (friend): Hey, my mom died yesterday...
(you): Dude, I'm so sorry.

by Chum Kilgus February 10, 2009
Pretty much a black hooker with brace's.

(unsatisfide customer): Damn you bout tore the thing off! You Black and Decker Pecker Recker!
by ChUm KiLguS February 12, 2009
A mix of vagina juce, cum, and liquified shit.
(person1): Hey you have some Foogoo on your face.

(person2): Yeah, I had an orgy with my brother and, my wife, the Foogoo went flying!
by Chum kilgus February 11, 2009

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