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4 definitions by Chuco the driver

Too Little Information. The reason why most Facebook and Twitter updates are useless. People forget to provide context for their messages. Next time someone sends the ubiquitous status update: "This is soooooo much fun!" Response: TLI. See undershare.
Girl 1: Jill sent the most random text message to me last night; it just said, "wish you were here."
Girl 2: Where was she?!
Girl 1: I have no idea! TLI!
by Chuco the driver January 17, 2011
The opposite of "jumping the shark." This is an event that takes someone who is already over the hill and makes them cool again. Prior to his SnL appearance, Justin Timberlake was deemed uncool; after the DIAB skit, he regained some cred. Captain Kirk pulled a dick in a box comeback by doing the commercials for Price Line.
"Tom Cruise *almost* pulled off a dick in a box comeback in that last sequence of tropic thunder."
by Chuco the driver May 17, 2010
Providing too little information or context when blogging or tweeting. With the ubiquitous status updates on Facebook and Twitter, people forget that it can be helpful to provide enough context for a message to be meaningful. So, ironically, while people tend to overshare, they also undershare at the same time!
Guy 1: I got a tweet last night from Jim, he said, "this is so effing great!"
Girl 1: I saw that, too. Why does he constantly undershare?!
Guy 1: Probably wasn't that great.
by Chuco the driver January 17, 2011
Term for person who can't figure out how to turn off the default, often-branded, signature of their email program. Most commonly email applications found on smartphones. Usually something along the lines of: "Sent from my Dingleberry(r) on the Then(c) Network"
example email post from a signatard:

"Hey, guys, i just joined this list, can anyone tell me how to post to it?!!!!!
Sent from my LamePhone(c) on the Douchey Network(r)"
by Chuco the driver January 19, 2011