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The sexual act of talking about the video game Contra, so that the woman that you are having intercourse with will get bored and will remove your penis from her vagina before ejaculation to avoid pregnancy when you are unable to remove your penis yourself.
Bill was having sex with his girlfriend, and was about to cum. Lucky he was able to use Contra-Ception to have her pull him out because his hands were stuck.


Tom had his hands handcuffed to the bed, so he Contra-Ceived his girlfriend so that he would not cause a pregnancy.
by Chuck the Old Man January 10, 2011
The event of getting an erection while viewing a group of 2 or more lesbians participate in sexual activity (also including kissing). (This can be referenced to Tosh.O season 3, episode 5. When Daniel Tosh says that Black Swan gave him a Lesboner)
Heather and Sally started to get into it and every guy at the party got a Lesboner.
by Chuck the Old Man February 08, 2011
The sexual act of two men getting in the 69 position where one man is doing a hand-stand and the other is behind him giving him a furious hand-job while spinning in a circle (Duggie can be used as a a noun or verb. Definition originates from Tosh.0, season 3, episode 2, video breakdown).
Bill and Tom were watching the Football game, but nothing was happening. So to pass the time they started doing the Duggie.


Tim asked Caleb, "Is it true that you and John Duggied?"
by Chuck the Old Man January 23, 2011

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