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aka Muay Thai. Kickboxing from Thailand. Not only kicks and punches, but knees, elbows and headbutts are also allowed.
Thailand used to be called Siam, as in Siamese cat. When you first take Thai Kick Boxing, you are taught to say "I love Siam" in Thai, which is "Wata Na Siam".
by Chuck Liddell June 03, 2006
In the BSA, this is the stage between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, and the number #1 reason why boys drop out of the BSA. They don't want to say, "We are WE BLOWS".
MOM: Peter, Bobby, you are no longer cub scouts. Pretty soon you will be able to say "We are WE BLOWS".

PETER: Mom, can we quit, and join back up when we're old enough to be boy scouts?
by Chuck Liddell June 03, 2006
Slang for nunchaku, ie, two rods connected by a cord or chain, used as a weapon.
The only man who was able to Numb Chuck Norris's body was Bruce Lee. Then Bruce did a flying jump kick into Heaven because God wanted to learn Jeet Kune Do.
by Chuck Liddell May 20, 2006
A female who is like the feminine version of James Bond, ie, very good looking, extremely intelligent, super athletic. OOH! Double O, H. Double O Heaven!
DAWG: Damn! Look at that bitch Brutha.

BRUTHA: Yea, I met her already, dude. She speaks 12 languages. Tito Ortiz gave a seminar at the Jeet Kune Dojo, and she was there. Flirtisha's her name. Anyway, Tito grabbed her ass and she instantly beat his!

DAWG: No way!

BRUTHA: Hey, I was there. Jane Blonde, OOH!
by Chuck Liddell June 03, 2006
KFC = Kung Fu Chicken = some guy who likes to talk about how great his martial art is, and how much better it is than any other martial art. But, when you offer to engage him in some friendly full-contact sparring, even with rules and gear and a neutral referee, he totally chickens out.
Jet Li was talking shit about how Kung Fu is better than boxing, wrestling, ju jitsu and muay thai. When I offered to spar with him he went totally KFC.
by Chuck Liddell May 06, 2006
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