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Security forces are employed in many differant security roles throughout the world including the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters of combat. SF members are equipped with inapplicable combat training and a sense of false purpose. Domestically and abroad, SF members can be found checking ID's at military base entry points, or staring at planes all day waiting for a security incident that never takes place. In the most basic terms, SF members are simply Federal Security Guards, with nothing more than a fauxe Army Combat Uniform to distinguish them from the run of the mill "Mall Cop". SF members are hated by the rest of the Air Force and not accepted by other military branches making them the most useless individuals in the military. As if that is not enough, SF members are known to treat eachother like crap and set eachother up for failure, ("Eat their own,...as the military describes it). There are a handful of SF units within the Air Force that actually contribute to the war fighting capability of the US. The individuals are an exception to the rule and should be respected for the hard work and sacrifices they make for a "thankless" job. If you are lucky enough to be one of these individuals, disregard this entry and understand this discription may apply to a majority of SF troops but is not an accurate description of everyone within the career field...hua!
Person A "Dude, I just enlisted in the Air Force"

Person B "Sweet...what kind of plane are you gonna fly?"

Person A "I'm not flying, i'm gonna be in the USAF Security Forces!"

Person B "...Kill yourself"
by Chuck E. Norris July 13, 2009

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