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A mcphallus is a guy who was a mcdreamy but couldnt keep up the mcsteamy so he became a mcpenis but that is not appropriate to say in Carl's Jr. so he became a LARGE phallic shaped object that we all know as mcphallus.
Mcphallus is no longer in Ireland.
by Chubi January 31, 2007
Somebody who cannot hold their alcohol and after two shots and some beer, is puking for the rest of the night.
That kid pulled a Milo; the girls drank more rum than him and were fine, but he puked the entire night.

If you pull a Milo, there is a good chancde you will be locked in a closet with nothing but a bucket to puke in so te host does not get in trouble.
by Chubi February 03, 2008
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