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1. The name of a rap group formed in 1988, gaining popularity and national underground radio play from 1994-1997 with intermittent resurgences garnering limited radio play as late as 2007. A few rap groups have used this moniker, but the first to use the name (and trademark it) were the aforementioned, originating in Salt Lake City in the infamous west side Glendale Gardens neighborhood. Members over the years consisted of Founder Smoove Daddy Cee (originally known as Tempo C) 1988-1997, RC Hype 1988-1990, DJ Shon D 1988-1989, Burt-Locz 1994-1996, L-Dogg 1995, Madd Dogg 1997. Popular songs included Blowin' Up, Git up, Glendale 2 Midvale, Murder Afta Midnight (Featuring Madd Dogg and Daizer), Playerz Mentality (Featuring Daizer and E-Bay) to name a few.

2. This has also been the name of several songs by various rap artists and is a somewhat common phrase in some rap songs.

3. One who possesses a mentality resultant from living in the ghetto. This is sometimes used derogatorily when community activist types pontificate on social ills.
1. "Yo, I got that Ghetto Mentality album from back in '96. That shit was dope!"

2. "All because I got that ghetto mentality!"

3. "The primary concern is that this ghetto mentality which seems to pervade today's music is corrupting our youth before they get a chance to form positive opinions about their environment and how to improve it."
by Chub Daddy May 27, 2013
1. Name commonly given to men with a very large cock.

2. Slang term used to describe a man with abnormally large testicles.

Source: This originates from the 2000 Florida elections with the "dangling chads". Chad + Dangler = Chadler.
Wow that dude's cock is HUGE. He's a fucking Chadler!

Guy 1: Wanna see my chubby?

Guy 2: Goddamn that thing is huge, Chadler!
by Chub Daddy July 08, 2011
When Juan is in the woods with three guys.
Boy, I thought Juan went camping but he's three quarters husky instead.
by Chub daddy October 23, 2013
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