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The third in the popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series of video games. Developed by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games, and published by Activision. Despite criticisms of being extremely similar to Modern Warfare 2, very low metacritic user scores, and Bobby Kotick's greedy business practices, the game sold over 6.5 million copies on launch day, breaking the previous record held by Modern Warfare 2.
19-year-old who works at a gas station: Bobby KoDick is such a jew and mw3 sucks my cawk. Tr00 Br0s play bf3.

Sensible Person: Why did you buy five copies of Modern Warfare 3 on launch day, buy a 2 year subscription to Elite and are already on your third prestige, then?

19-year-old: LOLOLOLOL it's phukin terrible broski, just wanted to see if it was bad as I thought it was.
by Chronotoxin December 02, 2011

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