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Blocktopia is one of Minecraft's largest Communities. They run over six servers (formerly eight). Blocktopia originally started out as a simple Lava Surivival server until further efforts helped expand it into its wonderful assort of servers. (SMP, BuildBox, AoD, Lava, TNT, and Zombie.) Each server is managed by 1-3 Directors who spend their own free time mantaining the structural integrity of their server.

Contrary to popular belief, Blocktopia's Admins aren't 12 years old. They're mature young men and women (aging from 17-21) who preform their job in the most civil manner. Blocktopia isn't money hungry either. All money donated is 100% used for server costs.
Random Minecrafter: What's Blocktopia?
Random Minecrafter 2: Only one of the most awesome Minecraft communities ever!
by ChronosStar November 28, 2012

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