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A Stupid Fucked Up Anime Company Ten Times Worst than Funimation and Dic Entertainment Combined, D@MN IT, I so fucken hate them for Ruining Onepiece, Shaman King and Sonic X

4Kids are currentley Fucking up Sonic X's 3rd season the Meterex Saga, Good Lord, Dark Oak's Dubbed voice is just god awful, he sounds like a Retarded 60's Anime Robot from Voltron or something. and they gave Cosmo a freaken British Accent,She's Jun Tao all over again folks

And Recently 4Kids made a Shitty @SS Anime style G.I joe Series called G.I Joe Sigma Six which is even Worst than G.I joe venom vs Valom and the New TMNT, they screwed up my fav G.I joe member of all TImes, Snake Eyes, this show was no way near the level of the awsome 80's G.I joe cartoon.

And Good Greif 4Kids are killing Tokyo Mew Mew, they turned it into a Shit Fest, it's So bad that it Makes the Dic dubbed version of Sailor Moon look good, they changed nearley Everyone's Names, Added in these Retarded Mew Puns and Worst of All, they changed Mew Ichigo's Catchphrase from," Tokyo Mew Mew, At your Servive", to a retarded Funky Rap intro" Mew Mew Style, Mew Mew Grace, Mew Mew Power in Your face", Oh dear god, it's worst than Naruto's" Beleive it", and it makes Wedding Peach's Catchphrase look Good.

This is Proof that Some Things are Best Left Unchanged, Thank God 4Kids have'nt Touched Bomberman Jetters Yet, another one of my fav animes.
(4kids Executive): Hey Guys, Lets Pull a Len Tao and Bakura on Kissu...uhhh.... I mean Dren ^^
(Dren): Nooooooooo!!! How dare you B@stards mess with us Cynaclons!

4kids Executive: Ha ha ha haa haaaaa! Hey guys, Lets Take a Voice Clip of some 80's Robots from Macron 1 and dubbed them on the Meterex, Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa

(4kids Boss): yeah, and Lets Pull a By-pass Sailor Moon operation on Tokyo Mew Mew and cut out 2 episodes and merge 2 into 1 ^^
by ChronoBall X January 02, 2006
One of the Worst Dubbing Companies Out there, while not as Bad as 4Kids, but they still sucked.

During the 80's Dic started out making some decent good american cartoons like Rainbow Brite, the Littles, Inspector Gadget, Dennis the Mennace,ect, Yep those were they're good old days

But than, during the early 1990's Dic Made they're Own Shitty ASS Americanized Versions of Mario and Sonic which none of them have anything to do with the actual plots of the Games. The Mario Cartoons Sucked to Begin with anyway especially that god awful Super Mario Super Show with that Idiot Captain Lou Albana from WWF doing the Voice of Mario with a Bad Italian Accent(which in Super Mario 64, mMario will get an even worst Itallian Accent which sounds like Mickey Mouse on Crack)

But Dear God, Worst of All, the Americanized Sonic Cartoons were total Shit, none of them followed the actual video game stories, in AOSTH, they made tails a Whiney 4 Year old who can't spell the word Says, and they Made Eggman(dubbed as Robotnik in america) more retarded than in the games, than in Satam Sonic, Sonic's Girlfriend was princess Sally instead of Amy Rose(who appears in the Recent New Sonic X anime dubbed by 4kids), and in Sonic Underground, they fucked up Knuckle's Personality making him a whiney pathetic Wuss, and they gave Sonic a bad singing voice. and the fact in the old Cartoons, Sonic was voiced by that annoying Geek from family Matters Steve Urkle.

Ok, and heres where Dic Really started to Screw up, Later in 1995, They Licensed Sailor Moon and turned it into a Malested CrapFest, they rewrote the script, changed the names, the musical Score, and they made one of the villians Zoizite a Female instead of a male like he was in the japanese version, worst of all, they gave the cast the worst voice cast ever, Sailor Moon sounds like a 30 year old trying to sound like a Teen, and Rini sounds like some 20 year old trying to sound 9, and Sailor Mercury and Luna were giving horrible British Accents. and worst of all, they rewrote the Entire Plot making it Seem like Every Body worked for Queen Beryl, and they came out with this whole" Negaverse" shit which was never in the original japanese sub, and they even cutted up 2 episodes and pasted them into one and even skipped a few episodes like the importaint Sailor V episode in episode 45 where Mina tells her past on how she became sailor V before joining the rest of the scouts. than they replaced the entire soundtrack with shitty Ass Saturday morning cartoon Music and Added in these Retarded Moral Lessons at the end of Each episode.

Than during Later years, they recentley licened the Remake Speed Racer and Saint Seiya(which was changed to Knights of the Zodiac in the Dub)
Dic Entertainment and 4Kids shall Perish at my God-like Hands! HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA
by ChronoBall X January 03, 2006

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