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10 definitions by Chronic the Hedgehog92

Two or more types of weed mixed together in a bowl. Can be good, or bad.
Zach-Hey did you finish that Blue Dream?

Oscar-Na i still got a gram left

Zach-Sweet, i got smoe bubba, lets make some chi chi chong

Oscar-sounds good
by Chronic the Hedgehog92 May 12, 2009
Waiter-your dinner comes with a choice of soup or salad

Stoner-Ya, ill have a Satan's Salad
by Chronic the Hedgehog92 March 28, 2009
When you are btoh dehydrated and high. Can result in some really bad things.
"I got so dehighdrated today. I was woozy from the lack of water, and after getting high i could barely take a step."
by Chronic the Hedgehog92 May 16, 2009
1. to be four feet tall and have no teeth

2. to look like ass
Robert-I have a GIRLFRIEND

Zach-dude shes four foot tall and toothless

Robert (puts his pointer finger and thumb on his nose and looks side to side)
by Chronic the Hedgehog92 April 08, 2009
a girlfriend that you gwar to.
Zach-there's robert with his gwarifriend

Oscar-i gwar to that six times to sunday and god even lets me do it on sunday.
by Chronic the Hedgehog92 April 22, 2009
When you bake and then see a movie , usually in theaters. Makes the graphics better yet worse, and makes the scary parts really really scary.
Steven, Zach, and Oscar smoked a gram then saw Knowing. They see a movie and bake.
by Chronic the Hedgehog92 April 18, 2009
To see a snake after or before you bake. May result in intense fear.
Oscar-"That shit was so dank"


(Oscar, Steven, and Zach run in fear)

(Later) Zach-"We just see a snake and bake!!"
by Chronic the Hedgehog92 April 12, 2009