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Chunks of shit (or inferior quality polished metal) worn on the teeth of rappers or poser-homo's.
Nelly/Poof: "Yo G-money Fly-Tip, im so gangsta i shit out gold nuggets and wear it on my teeth. Word"
Metalhead: "California Smile for you"
*Proceeds to forcebly place poofs gold grill mouth on the gutter and roundhouse kicks back of head*
by Chromium van Uraniumstein May 27, 2006
A simple maths equation that equals 16.
Elementary maths equation: 4x4=16
by Chromium van Uraniumstein May 24, 2006
One of the most over-rated rookies to game of Rugby League. His "Iron Shoulder Charge" is his pathetic excuse of a tackle as he has not got the balls to lay a decent, solid tackle. He has only done this 4 or 5 times in his short carrear, and is his only real "skill". He is merely a "NLR Prodigy", as was Lee Hookey and Ben Ikin, and look were they are now; a "journey man" not having a solid carrear, and forced into early retirement respetivly.
there are plenty of other young guns coming through the ranks who are as equaly as, or even more so, talented as "SWB" but get no credit, it is a hypocracy against the NRL, and with the approaches from Rugby Union will inevitibly see them all being poached by the Super 14 competition.
Sonny Bill Williams or SBW is an over hyped rookie whom gets fucked over when ever he plays South Sydney for some reason (ie. season 2004: fractured ankle, and 2005: semi-dislocated shoulder - trying to do his lame shoulder charge, and his ankle again later in the season.
by Chromium van Uraniumstein April 29, 2006
An aggressive threat, literally meaning that one will physically force another to bite upon concrete guttering, and promptly with a direct sharp kick to the back of the head, leave ones "teef on the gutter" (sic.). First uttered by an angry bogan one faithful afternoon, and has a continued legacy for those whom it was directed towards.
Upon further research, this is also known as a California smile and Bite the Curb, can be graphically seen in popular culture, where in American History X Edward Norton punishes a Negro man for vandalizing his car.
Pat: "Teef on the gutter, bah"
by Chromium van Uraniumstein May 17, 2007

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