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The gas experienced en masse by travelers, after an airline flight during which peanuts are the only "food" available.

Characterized by their own unmistakable, unique aroma. Can also occur during other times not related to air travel.
Bob: Duuuude! I ate all the Snickers and Baby Ruths from the kids' Halloween bags, and now I have wicked airplane farts!

Tom: (wafting the air) Dude! I noticed!
by Chrome Toaster January 26, 2009
that which is experienced vicariously.
I don't even have to leave the house anymore. I get my vicarity on the Internet.
by Chrome Toaster January 23, 2009
v. When the sole of a shoe or boot separates from the upper at the front, resulting in a flapping "gator mouth."

n. any shoe or boot thus afflicted.
(v) Aww Man, I LOVE these boots! I've had them forever. I can't belive they gatored on me!

(n) No amount of Shoe Goo's gonna fix that gator. That gator's a goner.
by Chrome Toaster May 30, 2009
Other Peoples' Kids.

I like my own children just fine, but man, I really can't STAND OPKs.
by Chrome Toaster September 18, 2008

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