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A. Chic way of saying "for sure."
B. Name of an awesome song by The Medic Droid.
1. "OMG! You have to come to my party fer shur!!!"
2. "Dude...I'm listening to "Fer Shur" on my I-Pod! Friggen sweet!"
by Christyisaninja!!! October 31, 2008
A descriptive word used to describe something that is both delicious and amazingly sexy like a ninja! Ninjalicious generally is used in the description of rad objects. I would not, for one, call one's little sister "ninjalicious," unless, of course, she can say 'popsicle' in Turkish while she kicks one's ass and looks awesome the entire time.
A. My new hairstyle is completely ninjalicious! Everyone thinks it's totally radical!
B. Your mom is ninjalicious. I'd know...I did her last night, and her moves were saWEET!
by Christyisaninja!!! November 04, 2008
An awesomely amazingly "ninjalicious" band that's still not very well known. They have hiphop beats, "crunk" lyrics, and plenty of screaming!!!

Considered to be: Electronica/Hiphop/Screamo/Crunk
Dot Dot Curve :) is possibly one of the best bands in the entire universe!!!
by Christyisaninja!!! October 31, 2008

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