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English: Pronunciation of word "lybio" ( li-bee-o )

"Lybio" is a term used to describe the fusion of video with their associated text data.

Lybio amalgamates both video and text into one convenient document. Lybio connects video content, with their text and vice versa so you can read and watch the document with precision and accuracy.

Lybio is a response to the inaccuracies of titles that fail to match the content, incomplete lyrics, incorrect speeches and text errors and concludes what is said, sung or spoken in its true final outcome.
An example of a Lybio is the connection of a video content, including movie clips, segments, sports, animation and music videos, as well as videoblogging and short original videos with their original matching text-words so you can read and watch the document with accuracy.
by ChristopherWasHere August 04, 2008

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