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A party punch which consists of the combination of Beer, Vodka, and fruit punch or any fruit beverage. You can make summer brew with basically any type of beer, or liquor, and adding and trying different combinations just makes it better. Brother of jungle juice
"This summer brew tastes amazing, I can't believe the ingredients"
by Christopher Trap October 05, 2007
Hook up for either a guy or a girl, with the intent for that specific hook up to only be there for the summer, and no longer than that.
"Wow there's last years summerslam, cant talk to her now, hide me"
by Christopher Trap October 05, 2007
Acroynm for Secretive Hook Up Boy. One of your guy friends that hooks up with girls, but will never tell anybody, and normally when this person is asked, they deny everything. This person normally tells you and your friends everything else about them, besides the goodlooking or mostly nasty girls that they hook up with.Add the "by" at the end. Same applies for girls, Shuggy
"Darren you tell me everything, what the hell, fine dont tell me you shubby"
by Christopher Trap October 05, 2007

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