3 definitions by Christopher M. Vanderwall-Brown

1. To accomplish two or more tasks simultaneously.

2. The act of a CPU concurrently executing two or more interrelated or disassociated job processes.
1. Girls are exceptional at multitasking; they can use chat on Instant Messenger, write emails, surf the internet, talk on their cellular phone, all while applying makeup and talking with their girlfriends about the new boy at school; however, if you ask them an intelligent question their heads will implode.

2. Intel's new CPU with multi-threading allows the processor to multitask without an additional processing core.
by Christopher M. Vanderwall-Brown August 06, 2007
Fantasy Definition: Dragon Rider. Hero of Legend who rides upon the back of a dragon, communicates with them, and possesses great power. The highest Dragoon is the Dragon Lord, Master of Dragons. Dragoon can also possess the incredible powers to jump incomprehensible distances into the air. They often use these abilities to crush their opponents with weapons such as a lance or spear which combined with their mounts tends to crush their opponents immediately. Dragoon's also possess amazing powers of magic and the forces of nature, the link they posses between their dragon companions, to whom they are raised from birth, give them fathomless powers to control space and time. It is recommended that if you run into battle against dragoon, you flee; there is no hope for victory.
Aldine: "Shit! The Dragon Lord and his army of Dragoon's are coming; launch the anti-dragon weapons now!!!"
1. cool, Awsome, Radical, a combination of the three, depends purly on personal preference.

2. C.R.A.D.-Cool Awsome, Radical, Dude.
Dude that 640 was crad man!

Dude that guys who can do stunts like that are so totally C.R.A.D man!
by Christopher M. Vanderwall-Brown November 29, 2005

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