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Stands for "The Intrinsic Operating Leader".
Used to describe someone who is a very honorable leader who belongs
only to the team in which he/she operates in, and is the essential core of that
team. Basically the team is nothing without him/her, and he/she is nothing
without the team.
"So-so will be our permanent TIOL, as he will lead us to our conquest."
by Christopher M. Peterson May 29, 2005
Someone or something that is stupid, ignorant, fat, clumsy, and retarded.
Something so incredibly dumb that it is nearly impossible to imagine.
"Hey look at that basunky kid over there named Mike!"
by Christopher M. Peterson May 29, 2005
Simply a combination of "Slow" and "Laggy". Typically used to describe online experiences, such as the speed of an internet connection, or
the smoothness of a game being played.
"I need a better internet connection,
this dial-up is way to slaggy."
by Christopher M. Peterson May 29, 2005
Something that is very small but is a huge annoyance, or bothersome. Some small thing that keeps you from reaching a goal or from reaching completion of something.
"Bob, have you worked out that nanite in the program's script?"
by Christopher M. Peterson May 29, 2005
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