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1 definition by Christopher Le Michael-Steinbach

A Leb, is a shortened word for a person of Lebanese descent in any new world countrry, especially South Africa, Brazil and Canada. A very prosperous people, Lebs around the world left Lebanon in diaspora, to escape Arab-Muslim tyrani. Lebs around the world, as opposed to those in Lebanon, 95% Christian (chiefly Catholic or Maronite as they're known) and are of Pheonician, Hebrew or Aramaic liniage. Lebanese were forced to speak Arabic as a result of oppression, but many around the world recognize French, English and Aramaic as thier spoken language. Aramaic Lebs were in and around Lebanon thousands of years before Arabs ever near the middle east. It was in the civli war in the 80's that Leb made thier way to greener pastures in South Africa, Canada and Brazil as these were well Catholic and accepting of thier culture.
Tony: "Hey howzit my khay?"
Mikey: "Howzit cuz, who's this lovely lady? Is she Leb?"
Tony "Ja cuzzie, she's a Leb and a half!"
by Christopher Le Michael-Steinbach October 18, 2006