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Website in which people like Bleedman, Snapesnogger, kris-wilson or Purplekecleon's became famous, regardless if their art it's nice or shitty.

Is an art community, in which people registers for uploading pictures. Like fotolog or photobucket, but for art.

Generally good artists that draw original art in there are very unknown and rarely become popular. In the other hand, if you draw Sonic art, Pokémon chibies, or fanart of male guys with a femenine look on their faces there's a huge possibility that you'll be famous.

In general is a good website when you are looking for fanart, or a place for uploading fanart. Tracing is allowed by the admins, but rejected by a good part of the community. And not always the best deviations get to the "daily deviation" prize.

Sometimes is used too for hosting pictured of naked bodies showing their genitals. If is a male guy and the account is found, he will be banned. If is a female, photos will just be marked as "mature".
Yesterday I went to Deviantart. I found inuyasha art.
by Christopher Labba September 09, 2009

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