4 definitions by Christopher Krieger

A younger man who is attracted to older women.
That Ashton Kutcher is such a montisexual.
by Christopher Krieger October 24, 2005
Attractive high school or college girls who have toned, or flat stomachs.
Did you see those flatbellys at the car wash!!!
by Christopher Krieger October 20, 2005
A guy who likes dates younger girls.
with about 5 years age difference.
Nitrosexual is the level above cradel robber.
by Christopher Krieger October 25, 2005
A skinny girl with love handles, and when her shirt comes up you see the ,icing on the cake, her love handles.
Man that chick is hot , but she's a bit of a cupcake.
by Christopher Krieger October 20, 2005

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